Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit


Ideas To Keep Your Cat Entertained

Here are a few ideas to help keep your cat happy and entertained:

  • A laser pointer can provide your cat with fun and exercise while chasing the laser dot.  Point the laser up and down the walls to encourage your cat to jump.  Just be careful not to shine the light in your cat’s eyes.
  • A bird feeder placed outside of a window can keep your cat busy bird watching for hours.
  • Cats love to hide in paper bags or empty boxes.
  • Ping pong balls work well for chase games.

How to avoid “red-eye” in photographs

Red-eye refers to the appearance of a subject’s eyes having red-filled pupils.  This occurs when the burst of light from a camera flash is so brief that the pupils of a subject’s eyes do not contract as they would in ordinary bright light; they stay wide open.  The light from the camera flash reflects off the retina of the eyes.  Eyes appear red because the retina is covered with red blood vessels.

Ways to reduce or prevent red-eye:

  • Turn on more lights and avoid using the camera’s flash.
  • Many cameras have a red-eye reduction mode. This fires a short series of flashes before the main flash goes off, causing the pupils to contract. This feature will not completely eliminate the red-eye, but it will be less prominent.
  • Tell your subject to look slightly away from the camera lens.
  • Tell you subject to look at a bright light before you take the picture; this will contract the pupils.
  • Try a red-eye correction pen on a print to paint over the red-eyes.